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Our specialist OCT machine enables us to provide in-depth examinations of the eyes – we can monitor glaucoma closely too

You are probably already aware that you should be having your eyes examined once a year. That way, your optician can ensure your eyes and vision are in great health. But did you know that certain opticians are able to offer more in-depth eye examinations thanks to a specialist camera?

All opticians are required to have imaging equipment to take photographs of the eyes. However, just like normal cameras, there are different types of imaging equipment, some of which produce much better pictures than others.

An Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) is a very specialist camera that takes a series of snapshots of your eye, including the back of it. The process is completely painless and once the photographs have been taken, they will be sent to your optician’s computer where they will be put back together to produce a 3D image of your eye.

Once your optician has received the 3D image, they are able to examine it in great detail, zooming in on specific areas if required. This allows them to identify even the smallest changes in your eye health, as well as a number of general health problems too.

At The Eyecare Studio we were the first practice in the area to have an OCT. For the last five years not only have we been able to examine the eyes in the greatest detail, we can also closely monitor those with eye conditions such as Glaucoma.

OCT imaging is available to all patients at our practice, including children. It is especially recommended for the following individuals however:

  • Those with Glaucoma
  • Those with Diabetes
  • Those with a family history of Glaucoma or Diabetes
  • Those with high blood pressure
  • Those over the age of 40

Please note: You are asked to allow an extra ten minutes for your eye examination if you wish to incorporate OCT imaging into your eye examination.

If you would like more information about eye examinations at our practice, or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by calling 020 8421 2277.

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