VIDEO CONSULTATION POINT CAMERA PHONE AT QR CODE Red eye? Pain? Reduced vision? Flashes & Floaters? Telephone enquires Mon-Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm

If you have an emergency of any kind mentioned above we can perform a free video consultation. If a further face-to-face appointment is required we will schedule this at our practice.
We are taking calls and booking face-to-face appointments for urgent and essential eye-care only. All routine eye examinations and contact lens checks have been suspended for the foreseeable future at THE EYECARE STUDIO. As a result of unprecedented demand within the NHS, the hospital eye service are unable to see urgent cases or routine follow-ups. Only emergencies where there is a risk to life or life changing sight loss will be seen.
As a practice established for over 21years with deep roots in the local community, we’re ready to serve you and look after your eyes. We’re here to help you.

How We Can Help

We are ideally placed to offer consultations in the event you are in need of essential or urgent appointments.  Please call our practice, our lines are fully operational from Monday to Saturday from 9.30AM until 5.30PM.  More information about Essential, Urgent and Emergency appointments is provided below.  We are following guidelines from various professional bodies and NHS England.

Essential eye care is available if:

  • you have broken or lost your glasses and need replacement.  In general if you feel your sight was fine with the lost/broken or damaged spectacles then we can replace with the same prescription and a short appointment to choose new glasses and order them for you. A large stock of single vision lenses are held in stock at our practice so we can make them up the same day.
  • you have a problems with your contact lenses
  • you are deemed to require an eye examination because a delay may be detrimental to your sight

Please call us on 020 8421 2277.

Face-To-Face Consultations

Face-to-face consultations will be restricted to limit the spread of Coronavirus.  That is why we have introduced a secure, easy-to-use video consultation tool.  Video consultations are provided free if you have symptoms that require urgent consultation.  If you do not have a Harrow based GP or if you do not have symptoms then please call the practice and we will help you.

We have implemented best practice recommendations for infection control and have equipped staff and clinicians with appropriate protection equipment.  Our staff are familiar with hygiene requirements such as proper, regular hand washing (we all use disposable gloves and alcohol hand gel), regular cleaning of surfaces, door handles and equipment.

Do not book an appointment if you have symptoms of coronavirus, if we suspect you have coronavirus you will immediately be asked to leave.  If you have symptoms please click here, otherwise call NHS 111.

Contact details
Call us on 020 8421 2277or Email  I am available anytime but generally  between 9.30am - 5.30pm.  The practice will open only for Essential and Urgent care

Video Consultation
In most instances, video calls will allow diagnosis and I will be able to advise on treatment and or medications.

Face-to-Face Appointment
Face-to-face appointments are required if  diagnosis of your problem over a video consultation is not possible or you require further investigation specific to your symptoms.  Face-to-face appointments are limited to avoid the spread of coronavirus which is the most pressing challenge our nation faces at the moment.  If you have symptoms of coronavirus you must tell us in advance and should not attend.

Ordering Contact Lenses

If you want to order a new supply of lenses, please call 020 8421 2277 or email and we can order the lenses to come straight to your home.

There is no increased risk of contracting coronavirus with contact lens wear.

Need to Collect Glasses or dry eye drops etc?

If you need to collect glasses please call the practice to arrange a collection appointment or deliver them to you. Any accessories can be sent directly to you or can be collected from the practice at an arranged specified time  Any outstanding balance can be paid over the phone.