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Contact Lenses

Our owner spent 6 years dedicated to fitting contact lenses, so she’s happy to tackle complicated prescriptions

Contact lenses are fast becoming a popular alternative to spectacles. Today, made from specialist materials that allow oxygen to enter the eyes – and therefore enabling them to self-lubricate – contact lenses can be worn for longer periods of time without drying or irritating the eyes.

As well as relieving spectacle wearers of the hassle of having to remember their glasses, contact lenses also prove a great option for keen sportsmen and women, and children as young as eight too.

“Thanks to my experience working with contact lenses – I spent 6 years dedicated to fitting patients with this type of eyewear – I am confident in my abilities when it comes to finding appropriate solutions for patients who have complicated prescriptions, but want to use contact lenses.”
– Owner & Optician

At The Eyecare Studio we often see patients who have been told their prescription is too complicated for contact lens use. However, armed with a wealth of experience and vast knowledge of this type of eyewear, Parul will always put her expertise to the test. In fact, in the majority of cases she is able to prescribe suitable contact lenses for patients other opticians shy away from.

There are a variety of contact lenses available today, including:

Daily use contact lenses – these are simply disposed of at the end of the day

Re-usable contact lenses – can be worn for varying periods of use from seven days to four weeks

Soft contact lenses – often as thin as cling film and very comfortable to use, these lenses cover the majority of the eye

Gas permeable lenses – a more rigid option, but these lenses are small (they only cover the cornea) and often recommended for long term use and those who use contact lenses every day

Coloured contact lenses –coloured lenses can be fitted with your prescription and can dramatically change your appearance

When you visit our practice your prescription, lifestyle and eye health will all be taken into consideration before a suitable product is recommended. Additionally, you will be given all of the information you need to insert and remove your eyewear as well as how to maintain it correctly.

Simply contact us on 020 8421 2277 and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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