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Dry Eye and Red Eye Assessments

Our specialist BlephEx machine can provide immediate relief for Blepharitis and Dry Eye sufferers

If you’d never heard of Blepharitis or Dry Eye Syndrome before you’d be forgiven; 80% of the British population hadn’t either. However, the conditions which are very closely related, affect up to 30% of individuals at some point in their lifetime.

Blepharitis is a (treatable) disease of the eyelids. It is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria living along the eyelid and base of the lashes and while anyone can get the condition, the elderly are more susceptible as they make fewer natural antibodies in their tears.

Left to develop, the bacteria on the eyelids produce a film that traps scurf and debris along the eyelashes – this appears like a crust, very similar to ‘sleepy dust’ – causing inflammation, dry, sore and/or itchy eyes (Dry Eye Syndrome).

Because the eyelids are difficult to clean, scurf and debris can accumulate over the years causing damage to the eyelids and tear glands.

At The Eyecare Studio we appreciate that both Blepharitis and Dry Eye Syndrome can be unpleasant, especially for those with chronic symptoms. For that reason we invested in a revolutionary BlephEx machine which enables us to painlessly clean and exfoliate the eyelids and lashes. In almost all cases this provides instantaneous relief from symptoms and can help to prevent long-term damage to the tear glands.

Symptoms of Blepharitis/Dry Eye Syndrome include:

  • Sore or itchy eyes
  • A gritty sensation
  • Watery eyes
  • Red or inflamed eyes
  • Crusting (excessive ‘sleepy dust’ along the lash line)
  • Dry eyes
  • Excessively rubbing the eyes

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, please do not hesitate to contact our practice. As with the majority of medical conditions, the sooner Blepharitis or Dry Eye Syndrome is identified, the easier it is to treat.

Please note: If you are suffering from Blepharitis or Dry Eye Syndrome there are a number of treatment options such as vitamin supplements, eye drops and cleaning products as well as the BlephEx. When you visit our practice you will, therefore, be examined thoroughly before being advised about the most suitable treatment for your personal condition.

If you would like more information about eye conditions, or to book an appointment at our practice simply contact our friendly team by calling 020 8421 2277.

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